"Jeanette is a fantastic teacher and a charming woman. I've enjoyed our lessons immensely, which a lot of the time felt like catching up with a friend. She tailors her lessons to your specific needs and has an incredible intuition for what you need and want to learn. There have been many occasions when in the middle of a lesson I had a question about grammar or vocabulary and Jeanette would magically take out handouts on the subjects I asked about!! It was almost eerie, no joke. Jeanette provides a really nice balance of grammar, vocabulary, culture, and conversational practice. I highly recommend her for any and all your French language needs." - Rotislav R.

"Jeanette is a very passionate and caring teacher who designs each lesson according to the student's goals. She incorporates a variety of fun activities to help challenge and improve your understanding of the French language. I've been studying with Jeanette for about two years and I highly recommend her!" - Renee S.

"I took lessons with Jeanette for about 3 years, and saw my speaking abilities improve dramatically. When I started I was virtually a complete beginner, and with Jeanette's help I developed to the point of being about to get around France very comfortably and without needing to resort to any English. Jeanette was particularly helpful with fine-tuning my accent, which might be the hardest part of the language to grasp. In addition to her talents as a tutor, Jeanette has a bubbly personality and is genuinely a fun person to be around. She comes up with a lot of entertaining material to go over in lessons, and her passion for teaching really shows through her detailed lesson preparation. In short, I couldn't recommend Jeanette more highly to anyone learning this beautiful language!" - Sion Owen

"Prior to my first trip to France, Jeannette pulled together a custom plan to prepare me for my vacation since I didn't know ANY French. It was such a pleasure working with her and not only did she teach me all of the basic French I would need to know, she also gave me tips on where to go, stay as well as on their culture. She was patient, professional and able to withstand my terrible pronunciation. It was a joy working with her!" - Kristen

"Jeanette is the Best!"
"Jeanette is the best! I've been working with her for almost 2 years now and have gone from merely mumbling a few phrases to a pretty advanced level of speaking, reading, and comprehension. There are many French teachers out there, but I've found few who can share the language with Jeanette's level of passion and enthusiasm. It is not only the clarity of her teaching that makes her stand out, but also the bubbly personality she brings with her to each lesson. It didn't take long for her to become a great friend in addition to a great teacher." - Sion Owen

"A Teacher at Heart"
"I am thoroughly pleased to have Jeanette work with me to improve my French language skills. She is attuned to my reason for learning French, organized in her sessions with me, introduces and clearly explains grammatical structures necessary to speak French correctly. She is a teacher at heart and her manner is nonjudgmental and supportive. I find our time together always advances my understanding of how to speak French." - Bonnie Fields

"A Genuine Passion for the French Language and Culture"
"Jeanette Hady has a genuine passion for the French Language and Culture, which has contributed to her success as a French Instructor.  She is a very detail-oriented, knowledgeable and patient teacher, but she also has a great sense of humor, which makes learning French a fun experience.  I have had a wonderful experience with her and she has done a great job re-acquainting me with this beautiful language." - Rochelle Cortez

"Fun and Engaging"
"Jeanette's a lot of fun to have conversation with, especially in French, and she's excellent at getting you to speak if you have any experience in French. She's also full of recommendations for French music, movies, etc. She's an extremely engaging and effective teacher for a student willing to learn." - Evan Winston

"I Love Working with Jeanette"
"I would like to express my appreciation for working with Jeanette. Jeanette has helped me tremendously with my French. I believe that I have learned more in the last 3 months working with her than the 4 years of French I took in high school. She is a joy to be around. The lessons keep me focused and motivated, and they are never boring. Jeanette is patient and easy to work with. I look forward to every Wednesday when we meet!" - Mark Kendall

"Great for All Levels"
"Jeanette instructs in a patient manner. She gives weekly grammar instruction and recommends excellent teaching aids. Instruction is not dull. The meetings are lively and entertaining with insight into French culture. It's been a pleasure working with Jeanette." - Aracely Anisko

Jeanette Hady